Bryan Chen


I am a MS student in Computer Science at UC Berkeley (BAIR), where I'm advised by professor Jiantao Jiao. My work is focused on closing the gap between theory and practice; recently, I am working on problems related to multi-agent collaboration in games.


  • My paper was accepted to CoRL 2020: Robust Policies via Mid-Level Visual Representations: An Experimental Study in Manipulation and Navigation
    Bryan Chen, Alexander Sax, Gene Lewis, Iro Armeni, Silvio Savarese, Amir Zamir, Jitendra Malik, Lerrel Pinto

  • I finished an internship at Google on a team in Search

  • I graduated from UC Berkeley w/ BA in CS after my 3rd year & for the next, I will be joining the 5th year masters program


  • Email: bryanchen at